Our Story

As artists, we fell in love with the location, the people, and lifestyle of this very special and beautiful countryside. At first we designed the farmhouse as our family home with enough flexibility for friends and family to stay. Over time, we became so attached to the place that we began to acquire additional parcels of the Villa Ferrano farming estate with the goal of sharing its unique qualities with others. We worked hard to restore these homes to their original architectural character while breathing new life into the spaces with a modern touch; creating elegant, spacious vacation homes and apartments which are perfect for relaxing getaways.

Our Location

Located just outside the town of San Giovanni d’Asso, famed for its white truffles and 12th Century castle, the Ville Ferrano is a historic estate immersed in one of the most beautiful rural areas of Tuscany, Montalcino. Montalcino is known to be one of the premier wine growing areas in Italy, which makes it a perfect destination for wine lovers. Placed on a hilltop with excellent views of the surrounding landscape, this property, while rural, is also conveniently located from many major destinations in Italy like Florence (1.5 hrs), Rome (2 hrs), and Siena (50min), where one can easily travel for a day-trip.

Our History

The name Ferrano is believed to be of Etruscan origins. “Ferro” refers to the iron ore that would have been found in the area; excavated and exploited by the Etruscans. The first owners who built the Villa Ferrano and the surrounding farmhouses in the 17th century were the noble family Marsili of Siena. They eventually sold it to a local family, the Meocci, in the 1800’s. Our family now owns and cares for a large portion of the historic estate.

The Villa Ferrano was the central estate house that once housed the noble lord or “padrone” who oversaw the other properties, the homes of the tenant farmers that worked the land. We have named the entire estate the “Ville Ferrano”